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Touch Pop Mobile Phone Stands

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Touch Pop Up Mobile Phone Stands

These are waterproof phone stands designed for adhesion to the back of your cellular device. They act like the popular snap bracelet of the 90’s, folding in on each end to perfectly prop your phone up on it’s side. Our phone stands are awesome promotional gifts at tech expos, sales conferences, or in-store giveaways!

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Price Information

Prices shown in the chart below are for Touch Pop Mobile Phone Stands custom touch pop up mobile phone stand    

  • Prices in the chart reflect that every phone stand is printed with the exact same design.
  • Prices are the same for any phone stand color.
  1 25 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Touch Pop Mobile Phone Stand $2.00 $37.50 $49.50 $85.00 $160.00 $360.00 $630.00 $1180.00 $2650.00 $4500.00

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Product Specifications

  • Phone Stands are waterproof
  • UV Resistant. Rated for outdoor use.
  • The phone stands are made out of soft flexible PVC. The material is like rubber but it is not silicone.
  • Inside the soft PVC casing is a thin flexible piece of steel.
  • The design is similar to the popular snap bracelet of the 90's
  • In the 90's many schools banned the snap bracelet because kids dissembled the bracelet and the inside thin sharp piece of steel became dangerous.
  • The thin piece of steel inside the phone stand is thin, sharp, and dangerous. It can cut skin. Care needs to be taken of this product and adult supervision may be needed.
  • Our Touch Pop Phone Stands are full color UV printed CMYK+W for superior print quaility and no color restrictions.
  • These phone stands are manufactured in China and printed on in the USA
  • Product FAQ

    It depends. We have had it work well with some phones and not with others. Larger phones seem to work better. Also moving the phone stand to a position on the back of the phone so that it does not interfere with the charger is the best way to make it work.

    It works like a sticker. You peel the back label off and stick it to your phone.

    It depends. Care is recommended for the product just like care is recommended for a mobile phone itself. Unlike a mobile phone that is expensive to replace if you drop the phone or break it in some other fashion, These phone stands are cheap and affordable to replace if something breaks. There is not any special guarantee that comes with the product. We have seen them last on peoples phones for a long time. We have also seen them get damaged due to heavy use. The pvc could rip exposing the thin metal inside. If that happens, the product should no longer be used and be disposed of immediately.