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Create Custom Awesomeness!

It's Simple! Send us your design using one of the options below.

Design Online

Upload pictures, add text, choose clipart, and more using our online design studio. It's like a simplified version of Photoshop right in your webbrowser, easy enough to use, and you can place an order immediately! Choosing this option is the best if you are in a rush. It is possible to design your products and place your order in the middle of the night. Then we ship them the very next day (for orders of 500 items or less, also excludes weekends since we are closed on the weekend).

Start designing online now

Send us an Image

You can send us pictures or images that you want on a product. We have a simple form that you fill out and submit with your image. One of our artists will review your image and set it up to look the best way possible. We email you a mockup of how your product will look, then you place your order. This process usually takes about 1-2 hours from the time you submit the form as long as our office is open. If we are closed, you will get the email with the mockup the very next business day.

Go to the upload form

Let us Design

Tell us what your product should look like. We will design it for FREE! You heard that correct. We do not charge you to use our artist's time. If we are open for business you can chat with an artist who can help you design immediately. We also have a design request form you can complete and we design your product for you within 24 hours.

Connect with an artist

Email us your design idea

Describe how you want your product to look in your email. In the body of your email tell us what product you are interested in. Then if you want words on the product tell us what it needs to say. Where do you want the words positioned? What font type should we use? What are the background colors and font colors? If you want us to put a picture on your product then attach an image. You can even attach several images. We also have lots of clip art on file. We can even suggest an image or put clip art on your product design. In your email be as detailed as possible how you want the product to look. If you are not sure of some things that is fine too. We will still try our best to create something we think you might like. Just describe how it should look the best that you can. We will take it from there.

Email an artist

Mail us your design idea

We gladly accept requests by mail. Send your pictures, sketches, or any other ideas you have by regular mail (snail mail).

See mailing instructions


Design using our templates. This is recommended if you have knowledge of professional graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc... By submitting your design using our guidelines, it gives you complete control of how your product will look. It also saves us time so you can order faster.

Templates available to download

FREE Customization

All design services are FREE!  Setup your artwork first, then pay for your items when you are ready. You are not obligated to purchase anything after designing. After you submit a product design, it is saved in our system so you can order it anytime in the future.

Have any Questions?

If you need any help figuring out which option is right for you please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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