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Aluminum Claw Bottle Opener Keychains

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Bottle Openers

These are aluminum claw bottle openers that also function as beverage can openers and keychains. They come in a wide range of colors and the printable area make for the perfect space to share a fun message, promote a brewery or restaurant, or give away at your next big Summer festival!

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Price Information

Prices shown in the chart below are for Aluminum Bottle openers custom aluminum claw bottle opener keychains    

  • Prices in the chart reflect that every bottle opener is printed with the exact same design.
  • Prices are the same for any bottle opener color.
  1 25 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Bottle Opener $1.00 $21.25 $37.50 $65.00 $124.00 $270.00 $500.00 $960.00 $2350.00 $4500.00

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Product Specifications

  • These bottle openers are made of anodized aluminum
  • Triple function: Bottle Opener, Aluminum Beverage Can Opener, and Keychain
  • Small lightweight design
  • Full color UV printed CMYK+W for superior print quaility and no color restrictions.
  • Since we are printing on the product and not engraving the product, there are no restrictions on color or text placement. We can print images, photographs, colorful logos, and more.
  • This product is made in China and printed on in the USA