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By submitting an order through this website or by telephone, email, or any other means, you agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions, as well as our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.


Prior to starting production, you will receive a digital proof of your custom product via email. This proof is a digital representation of the final product. This is to allow you to make any necessary changes or corrections prior to starting production. Prior to production, you will receive an order confirmation notice via email. This notification will contain specifications of your order including, delivery times, type, size, quantity, and colors. Wacky Print is not responsible for any mistakes or errors once you have received the order confirmation.

All orders require payment in full before Wacky Print will begin production. Wacky Print accepts payment by credit card through PayPal, check, or money order. See the Payment section below for more information.


Wacky Print inspects all artwork submitted to make certain that it meets the specific requirements for applying your design to the products you selected. If minor modifications are required, we will make these free of charge.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL Due to the custom nature of our products, all sales and orders placed are final. Once Wacky Print sends an order confirmation, the order may not be canceled for any reason. Wacky Print does not issue refunds.

Important - this also means that Wacky Print does not issue refunds due to customer errors. Such errors include, but are not limited to, typos, incorrect file submission in accordance with our specifications, duplicate orders, misunderstandings of turnaround time stated on any of our pages, slight color variances within industry standards, disregard for cutting and folding tolerances within stated limits on the website. Other errors that customers are responsible for include blank submissions, borders incorrect image orientation, crop marks, hard to read text and images, missing logos, mini images, images that are not full bleed, designs that are outside of our stated safe zone, and pixelated files.

Without limiting the applicability of the foregoing, Wacky Print reserves the right, upon your request, to cancel your order. If the order has reached the pre-production set up phase, Wacky Print will charge a cancellation fee up to the full amount of your order, depending on the amount of work that Wacky Print has completed at the time it agrees to cancel your order.

Please Note: We do stand behind the quality of our products. If you incur any other problems with your shipment, or defects in craftsmanship, other than what is mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, please let us know.


As noted above, all orders require payment in full before Wacky Print will begin production. Wacky Print accepts payment by credit card through PayPal, check, or money order. If paying by check or money order, Wacky Print will not begin production on your order until it receives your payment by mail.


Wacky Print uses for processing credit card payments. If you are paying by credit card, you will leave the website and enter your payment information on Wacky Print does not have access to your credit card information and disclaims all liability for credit card or bank-related issues for orders placed through


Wacky Print can only ship a package as fast as the shipping carrier can provide. If you wish to guarantee your package arrival, you might want to consider purchasing a shipping service that is guaranteed. UPS Next Day Air is the only service guaranteed by UPS. USPS Express Mail is the only guaranteed service offered by the US Postal Service. If a package is shipped with a guaranteed service and does not arrive by the time indicated in a customer's confirmation email that Wacky Print sends, then a customer can be refunded, but only for the shipping cost.

Shipping costs on the website are calculated using a direct internet connection with shipping carrier website servers through an application programming interface (API). The shipping rates returned by each carrier server at the time a user of uses a specific webpage to calculate shipping rates are for retail rates and may be higher or lower than the actual cost paid by Wacky Print to the shipping carrier for an order that gets shipped. The website is only able to calculate fees based on weight and destination postal codes. There are other variables like dimensions and flat rate boxes that the website does not use to calculate a more accurate rate. Also the packaging materials being used to ship a package may be different at the time a package is shipped than the variables being provided to shipping carriers' servers to calculate a shipping rate quotation. Wacky Print allows its shipping department employees to make the best judgment on how to ship a package at the time it needs to ship. So the actual cost to ship a package may be different than what was paid by a customer to ship the order. By using the website you agree to pay the cost of the shipping fees charged at the time you place the order and understand that Wacky Print does not need to issue a refund for any difference in cost if the actual shipping cost Wacky Print paid to the shipping carrier is more than the shipping cost that was paid for an order to Wacky Print.

Wacky Print is not responsible for any problems incurred during the shipment of the product. Wacky Print has no control over the practices of the United States Postal Service and UPS. Problems that can occur include the following: incorrect address, worker strikes, problem with delivery location, holiday season, and weather.


Wacky Print does not accept personal or business checks for international orders. The only forms of payments accepted are credit card, bank transfers, and PayPal payments through Wacky Print offers no guarantees for shipping international orders, including delivery date and shipping damage. If you have any questions, you can find all of our contact information here.